Song-of-the-Week: Big Blue Marble

This is a song near and dear to my heart. It was a song we sang at SCICON Outdoor School, where I used to work…It was written by Michelle Martin.

For some reason it will not let me embed the video for this, so you can see it being performed here. It’s not a great video, but you can get the gist of the tune. I’ll try to rip a better copy of this tomorrow…I have it on cd.

Here are the lyrics:

Big Blue Marble
by Michelle Martin (SCICON)

We will love the Earth wherever we roam,
For this big blue marble is our home
And we know that everyone in it,
And we know that everything in it,
Will always be a part of who we are.

Substitute “the Earth” with :
… clean air …
… the animals …
… the trees …
… other cultures …
… clean water …
… whatever you are teaching about!

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