Song of the Week: On a Cold and Frosty Morning (Three Craw)

So sorry about last week! I had a song all figured out (Waddly-acha) and started teaching to my kids and was trying to get them to help me demo the song in a video because I couldn’t find the song recorded anywhere on the net…but they wouldn’t go for it. And then they decided they didn’t like the song after all. Bleh. Maybe another week. By then the week was half over and I just didn’t bother doing one, figured I’d just do one this week.

I’m getting really bad at posting these on Sundays, so I guess I’ll just plan on doing it sometime on Mondays from now on. And obviously I’m not so reliable for that either…but hey, the day’s not over yet!

Anyway Maeven thought it would be a good idea to do some winter songs since, well, it’s winter! and I immediately knew what album to check for ideas…I have had Rachel Buchman’s “Sing a Song of Seasons” for some time and REALLY love it! Funny because when I bought it I thought it was a different cd by the same title but frankly I like Rachel’s better! (I found the right one later, and Rachel’s is a lot more fun.) On this cd Rachel sings groups of songs for each season…found 2 that I really thought would be good, but since I like the second better for its cultural aspect (and it didn’t seem quite so preschooler-ish, since Maeven’s kinda old for the little kid songs)…here ya go!

“On a Cold & Frosty Morning (Three Craw)”
is a Scottish song…here’s Rachel’s version. (scroll down to listen to a sample of song #8)

Judging by the google search I just conducted to find the lyrics, there’s a lot of variation for this song. So if you’re bothered by the third craw eating the other twa (3rd crow ate the other two), you can find all sorts of variations of the lyrics and change it as you like. 🙂

And here’s another version of the song I really like, by Sharon, Lois & Bram.

That version still has “craw” getting “et”, LOL…but its cute too. I think you should just pick which version (Rachel’s or Sharon, Lois & Bram’s) that you like better.

I haven’t included the lyrics today because I’m not sure which version to do…and I didn’t find the right version of the lyrics on the web to copy/paste, but both recordings are very easy to understand.

Incidentally, I’ll be checking Rhapsody out for more songs…because I had NO idea that they had so many cds you could listen to for free! And if you really like them, you can download them for just 99cents a song! 🙂  Pretty cool, because itunes often is lacking on the kid music I’m looking for.

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