Song of the Week–Sarasponda

Man, I’m really lousy at getting things done on a schedule. So here’s the song, a day late, woops! Better late than never! Gave ya an extra day to work on “This Land is Your Land”. 🙂

OK this is a song I learned as a child that my family used to sing together…particularly in car rides. We would sing it all together a couple times and then the boys would sing the “boom da” part and the girls would do the sarasponda part, at the same time. Sounds real cool together! It also can be sung in a round.

I was told that it was a dutch spinning song, but when I was researching it quickly just now, I found one site that says that people always think this but that it’s not actually a Dutch song…so who knows? All I know is its a fun song and it brings back childhood memories for me, so here it is!


Boom da, boom da, boom da,
Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda ret set set
Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda ret set set
Ah door ray oh, ah door ray boom day oh
Ah door ray boom day ret set set
Ah say pa say oh.

And you can listen to the tune here.  They don’t continue the boom da’s like we did when I was growing up, but you can hear how it sounds. We had the boom ba’s keep going all through singing the Sarasponda part…sounds really cool and its fun! 🙂

Here’s a really cool version of a choir singing this song.

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