MUSIC REVIEW: Stevesongs–Marvelous Day

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As I write this I’m listening to this fabulous cd for the first time in awhile and I’m enjoying it like a kid! Seriously, when I’m having a less than stellar day, I can listen to the title song “Marvelous Day” and find my happy place and suddenly the day isn’t so gloomy looking anymore.

I am very particular about kids’ music, and I have had many many opportunities to compare, as I have been reviewing kid cds for my local parenting resource site for years (many many MANY which were sent to me for review that didn’t make it to the site because they were just awful).  I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is by far one of the BEST kids’ music albums I’ve ever heard.

Steve, besides being a cutey patootie:

(we see him on the interstitials in between PBS kids shows)
has a fabulous voice, cheery & likable personality, fantastic music with excruciatingly catchy beats and mood enhancing lyrics, the ability to write silly lyrics that really appeal to children (and children-at-heart, like me!) and he even throws in a wide variety of instruments into the mix that make the music feel robust and not dumbed down like so many albums for kids. Many of his songs are even educational, and they don’t sound contrived like many of the “educational” songs I’ve endured.

I cannot say enough about Steve Roslonek (aka “Mr. Steve” or “Stevesongs”). This guy knows kids!

I see on his website that he has 7 albums in total…guess I need to save up my money!

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      I’ve basically been hecmsohool since Autumn was 2. Learning the basics like letter recognition and such. Then we realized she is a very fast visual learner and it took off from there. Now she is 5 and I’m prepping a 2nd grade curriculum for next year. She never ceases to amaze me. The time we spend together for school has really helped our relationship and built a certain type of trust that some parents miss because they are always so busy school just becomes homework at the kitchen table that needs to hurry up and be finished.

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