Still getting started here

Just a heads up that I’m still fiddling with things on here and am not happy yet with the format. I’m kind of getting to the point of beating my head against a wall with all the complications of the images that require a lot of tweaking to get them to work in the slideshow AND the thumbnail. sigh  Going back to searching for another theme to see if I can just solve the whole issue by scrapping this one. We’ll see how it goes. That sort of thing takes HOURS, I tell ya. There’s truly thousands of options out there. Its exhausting. But I’m just crazy enough to take the time to wade through it til I find what works better for me, grrr.

Also working on figuring out how to get Twitter, Facebook and this site to all work together best. I find that I keep forgetting that I have Facebook set up to post to Twitter (since I have it in the reverse situation for other sites I have), and I go and tweet on Twitter and WOOPS, now I have to post AGAIN the same info on Facebook because its not set up to do it automatically…then there’s duplicate posts. sigh Ah well, I’ll get it. Eventually. 🙂

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