still sick

well methinks this week is a scrub…i’m still coughing up a lung and now maeven is too. poor thing. i was thinking today she sounded just like me and i worried she may have asthma as well, but then i listened harder to her cough and its pretty moist. mine is dry and hacking. we are equally coughing as far as frequency, but hers definitely has a wet sound to it and she tells me she is indeed coughing up stuff sometimes, so i’m back to thinking its cold related.

but the sad news is i doubt we’re going to accomplish much of anything this week as far as school…neither of us feel much up to it. that and i got another blow to the week when i found out my mom wasn’t going to be available at all this week to take tyren. something i’d worked my schedule around and was starting to rely upon. but it couldn’t be helped. such is life. actually such is MY life. things always seem to happen in 2s or 3s here. not just one little stroke of bad luck, but 2 or 3. argh.

so the combination of not having uninterrupted time to work on the focused work and just not feeling up to thinking much less doing…i think we’re just going to scrub this week and start over again next week. means we are a whole week behind in math, but that’s ok because we can just do 2 lessons a day for more days then and catch up eventually. its all a self-imposed deadline anyway.

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