what a wonderful xmas!

finally getting around to blogging about xmas…i have been waiting to get the pictures from adam, who already took them off the camera and uploaded to his computer. so hopefully by the time i finish this post he’ll have gotten them to me. this year we didn’t have the pay cut that we had last year, so it started out […]

its here! its here!!

space station arrived today. 2 days AFTER xmas. never did hear back from the company after my last particularly pissy email. as far as he was concerned, he didn’t know if my 3yr old had anything to open on xmas or not! nor did he (obviously) care! well he did have something to open, because i shuffled some gifts around. […]

the “real” xmas

i just realized i talked about the stress of xmas, the prep and the roof caving in…but didn’t really detail how our actual family time went… so here goes… let’s see…normally we do xmas eve at adam’s dad’s house (his parents are divorced), and then to church with my family….then xmas day usually is here at our home for the […]

xmas part 2

here’s the rest of our 2008 xmas story…copied/pasted from an IM conversation i had today with my friend beckie…i’m sunflowermom30…i didn’t feel like typing it all again, LOL!!…._______________________________________________[22:15] sunflowermom30: hey, well, ummmm…our ceiling fell down in the big room yesterday, LOL![22:15] beckie_s: OH NO!![22:15] beckie_s: from the rain??[22:15] sunflowermom30: i’ll match your stress and raise you, LOL!!![22:15] sunflowermom30: no, we […]

a frugal xmas

since we’re so tight for money this year i made a decision that the kids stockings were only going to be stuffed with items $1 or less items. of course that means i had to hit the dollar tree! i made the decision to do school supplies because i remember how cool it was to get a stocking full of […]

it feels like i’m doing nothing

but i really am accomplishing things… 2 biggies:our car registration was due on monday but it hadn’t been smogged yet (and it was due)…i had thought we could get it done over the weekend but adam had some complications from his tooth extraction friday, so the weekend was full of pain and nausea for him so he couldn’t do it […]