outdoor hour challenge & music ideas

well i’m still stumbling along…but haven’t found time to blog…sorry…i’ll get back to it, i really want to be better at keeping track of things here. but right now i wanted to post about this thing i discovered on another blog, the “outdoor hour challenge.” i am going to be starting this with my kids…since i’ve not found time to […]

school less, teach more

i just had to share this post from a blog i subscribe to that i thought was very powerful. being that i’ve had a hard time getting focused time with maeven for “school”, it makes me feel pretty good reading that and realizing that i do a fair amount of those things already. and i’ve been seriously wanting to get […]

some more goals

since i feel like blogging more, i thought i’d share a list i’m working on. i created this in the back cover of my lesson planner. i add to it when i think of more ideas. i’ve got a good list going now, so i thought i’d post it. these are things that i want my kids to experience or […]