Weekly free apps!

  Just found out that The Wired Homeschool is doing a weekly posting of homeschool related or friendly apps that are FREE!! He’s calling it "Free App Friday."   < p style=”text-align: center”>Check it out here.

Where in the world? (Pt. 2)

…continuing from last post Since I’m not really good at most of the world yet (I only just got all 50 states memorized by shape/location recently!), I need some training first, so here’s where I will be going first…Sheppard Software has an excellent geography section of their website that includes all different levels of learning all the different areas of […]

APP REVIEW: iPhone Apps and rewards

*edited to add links and extra photos…don’t seem to have that ability to do easily in the iphone app mentioned below.* Getting an iPhone has really helped change some things in my life. But since I know not everyone can afford one (not really sure we can either, actually), I will try not to spend too much time on posts […]