APP REVIEW: Dragonbox Math

APP REVIEW: Dragonbox Math

  Dragonbox ROCKS!! I have enjoyed these apps for years! I swear I enjoy the apps as much, maybe more than, my kids! If you haven’t heard of Dragonbox yet…its a company that gamifies math. Specifically algebra. They now also have other math games, it looks like. I’ve only played their algebra apps. But judging by the quality and fun […]

We’re rockin’ at math!

OK, I obviously really suck at blogging here lately. I dropped off the song of the week thing, I haven’t posted regularly in forever, and I just don’t even remember I have this blog frankly. I do still blog at my main blog, if anyone’s interested. Anyway, I still do believe strongly in unschooling, but I’m facing a little reality […]

She’s doing math

I’ve been really disappointed in myself recently (again) for falling off the wagon and getting caught up in life and not getting back to Maeven’s math curriculum. Well, wonder of wonders (not such a surprise to all you unschoolers out there)…she’s still doing math! Well of course she is! DUH! Math is a big part of life, for pete’s sake! […]

fractal hell

we’ve been working on making a cotter ten fractal for maeve’s latest math lesson (yes, that link takes you to someone who’s using the same curriculum, apparently, because that’s exactly what we’re working on)…and according to the book this should take “2-3 days”….well, i think they might have meant if you got a group to help you…since they recommend this […]

math games book came in!

i can’t believe how fast it came in! i’m really excited about going in there and figuring out what games i need to be playing with maeve so that we can get past the counting issue. i’m even thinking that on the days where we are just not able to get to a lesson, that we can still “do math” […]

math troubles

having a little difficulty with maeven’s math right now. nothing huge, but its something i need to work on. the problem is that she’s still counting while figuring out math problems. that’s not what she’s supposed to be doing in the rightstart math program. i had sorta known this but last week when i did a lesson with her that […]