BOOK REVIEW: Celebrating the Great Mother

This is an AMAZING book, in my opinion. If you strongly believe in teaching your children to have an appreciation of life and the environment, this book is a terrific resource for activities. There’s some great ideas in here for starting family traditions centering around honoring Mother Earth. The book centers around the festivals of the seasons and harvests that […]

BOOK REVIEW: We Planted a Tree

I found this little gem on the shelf at our local library and just had to share it before I returned it! This picture book captured my interest because of the crisp, colorful and friendly illustrations and kept my interest and earned my respect by its content. A very cute, simple book, it shows families all over the world planting […]

BOOK REVIEW: Butterfly House

This is a touching story of a little girl who rescues a caterpillar & decides to raise it to adulthood. With the help of her grandpa, she builds a beautiful “Butterfly House,” & cares for the caterpillar as it goes through it’s metamorphosis. A great book for introducing the concepts of metamorphosis & caring for nature’s creatures. And the illustrations […]

BOOK REVIEW: Growing Frogs

Just finished reading this book to my kids. REALLY CUTE! I like the illustrations, and that it goes through the life cycle of a frog and explains it very clearly to even the youngest children, but has enough details to keep the olders interested as well. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a book about the life cycle of a […]