A-Ha Moment!

So, I’m re-listening to the book “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” by Dr. Laura Markham right now….I ran out of audiobooks to listen to, and I thought now would be a good time to re-listen to this seriously EXCELLENT book that was just life changing for me…but it was starting to fade from my memory and I needed a reminder as […]

BOOK REVIEW: Positive Discipline

This is the book we used at the high quality preschool I used to teach at, years ago. I HIGHLY recommend this form of discipline because I’ve seen it work. The main concept in this discipline is RESPECT. Not just children respecting parents, but parents respecting children! Also check out the Positive Discipline website. This philosophy uses age appropriate expectations […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Fussy Baby Book

Yes, another Dr. Sears book…I love this guy! Years ago, this one really helped me to see my fussy baby in a new light…helped me to see the fussiness through the baby’s eyes. Also showed me I did NOT have a collicky infant & that others have it much worse. It was a relief to realize I really didn’t have […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Baby Book

The original Dr. Sears book…attachment parenting guru. Learn all about caring for baby the natural way. Dr. Sears encourages parents to trust their instincts & love their babies above all else. You won’t find any of the harsh practices of “cry it out” or ignoring your babies needs which are prevalent in most mainstream baby books these days. This is […]

BOOK REVIEW: Nighttime Parenting

As always, Dr. Sears (aka attachment parenting “guru”) wrote a very informative & enjoyable book! Very different from the Ferber & Ezzo philosophies…Sears is more of a “gently to sleep” advocate. This book is a keeper! All parents face these issues of sleep with their children…here’s a book that gives you an alternative to the heart-wrenching “cry it out” method. […]

BOOK REVIEW: Celebrating the Great Mother

This is an AMAZING book, in my opinion. If you strongly believe in teaching your children to have an appreciation of life and the environment, this book is a terrific resource for activities. There’s some great ideas in here for starting family traditions centering around honoring Mother Earth. The book centers around the festivals of the seasons and harvests that […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Family Bed

This is a FANTASTIC book! I had been recommended this book over & over and finally (years ago) checked it out from our local La Leche League library & read it. Wow! It’s an old book, but the info still holds true. For those of us that practice the “family bed”, this book is a comfort and very educational. For […]

BOOK REVIEW: Who’s Calling the Shots? How to Respond Effectively to Children’s Fascination with War Play & War Toys

This is an INCREDIBLE book! I think EVERYONE should read it! It will make you see things in a whole new light. Not just about war play, this book dives into even deeper issues, including the media’s marketing to children, the importance of dramatic play to our children’s healthy development, and much more! This book talks about how its natural […]