what we’ve been up to

we’ve finally gotten the learning village off the ground and running, and i’m quite proud of how things have been going! here’s what we did in february: feb 11–valentine’s day party feb 17–1st origami club meeting feb 23–1st bird walk feb 25–savemart center tour and in march, things picked up even more: mar 4–art lab mar 8–meyer’s farms water bank […]

more unschooling thoughts

a long time ago i started to get comfortable with the idea that there wasn’t any specific schedule of topics and skills that my children needed to learn at certain times. i’ve been comfortable with this idea, for the most part, for awhile…but i still find myself susceptible to the fears of whether my child is learning enough…whether she’s learning […]

Did I mention she’s writing?

Good heavens but this child is making this stuff easy! Who needs copywork? My child is CONSTANTLY writing! Why in the world would I force her to write stuff she doesn’t want to when she is writing us letters and writing her own stories and journal entries and even writing her own books! Like nearly every day!! I’m not kidding! […]