terrible, horrible, very bad, no good day

well yesterday was another waste of a day. we did get one spelling lesson done, with much crying. sigh not at all what i would call successful. maeven is still sick. its just not a very educational time.

yesterday my mom, thank heavens, took tyren for a couple hours to play…but i didn’t have that time for “school” with maeven because i had to take her to the dr’s office for her cough, which has gotten worse. took the entire time and when we got out i had to go get tyren and then take us for food. maeven absolutely refused to eat anything in our house before our dr’s appt so i had to rush her afterwards to find something to eat because she’s just a bear without food…and being sick already…ay yi yi. i just didn’t want to argue with her anymore, just wanted to get her some food, fast.

so when adam came home, i had him take tyren with him while he ran an errand. so i was thinking that would give me time to get even just a little school done. but no. much whining and crying and coughing and “i’m sooooo hot!!!” (no fever, but she’s been acting feverish.) ugh. so i relented and let her take a shower, which changed her attitude some. and we were able to get through one spelling lesson. that’s all. and by the end she was crying every time she got a word spelled wrong. and writing it all sloppy. so i gave up.

yesterday was just not a good school day. hopefully today will be better.

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