testing twitter again

i’m still trying to get my twitter feed set up with this blog…so it will post updates to twitter, since i now have it set to forward all my tweets from twitter to facebook…where people actually read them! (i know this only because i’ve had quite a few people respond to my status there, which is now coming directly from twitter. post one place and it gets sent 2 places, pretty cool!)

i tend to blog here a lot more than on my homeschool blog, so i wanted to make sure that i got this one set up as well. sometimes i feel like i have some pretty good things to share on my blog, LOL! like to know i might not be talking to myself. 🙂

anyway, lets see if this works. its supposed to post a message to twitter that i just did a new blog post. then twitter will forward the message to facebook. ah technology. 🙂

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