The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean, Week 2: Living Room

Living Room Day 1: Entertainment Center and Picture Books bookshelf


OK, entertainment center…I didn’t remember to take a “before” pic until after I had started working on it…so here’s what I have in the midst of the reorganizing:

The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean, The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean,

We had TOO MANY videos and dvds! I purged a bunch of them and donated to our homeschool charter all the kid friendly ones!


The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean,






Here’s what the entertainment center looks like now:

Lots of room still to shuffle other things in, as I work on the rest of the room.











And here’s what I started with on the picture bookshelf:

The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean,





Only the top was messy, really…but I no longer need to have this many picture books, since my youngest is now reading chapter books like crazy. Time for some purging!!











And here’s what I ended with:

The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean,




Nearly a whole shelf cleared! That box is multi-layered, full of books to donate to our homeschool charter!












After working on another bookshelf that had more picture books, I narrowed the books down even more and consolidated all of the remaining books onto the newly organized bookshelf:

The 2013 Great Summer Purge and Clean,



Plus I got the top tidied!


I still really need to get rid of more picture books…but for now this will do.  I don’t want to spend too much time on any one area, or I’ll get hung up and not stay on schedule for the next zone!








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  1. That’s fantastic! I’m really bad at getting rid of things, but you have inspired me to try, so I’m aiming to freecycle/donate/throw out at least one thing per day. It doesn’t sound like much but I can already see the difference. I’m also trying to do a little bit of deep cleaning every day, too.

    1. I’m usually pretty good at purging, I just have so much junk around here all the time due to my 2 rugrats. They bring it in faster than I can get it out! It’s like shoveling in a snow storm!

      I got probably donated about 4 boxes of books and videos from the living room and have at least 2 more to go to Salvation Army, so I’m on a roll! Also threw out a lot of just garbage. Geez that stuff piles up!

      Good luck to you! I seem to be inspiring a lot of people lately!! Cool! 🙂

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