The 2018 Great Summer Purge & Clean is UNDERWAY!

Great Summer Purge and Clean


I feel like I’ve not done this in awhile…I waited quite awhile this summer before getting going on this (life happened)…and the past 2 years have not really happened gung ho. I’m DETERMINED to make this year’s GSPAC really COUNT! And I really want to blog the experience fully, for those that want to follow along…

I hope there will be some that will join me!

I know I didn’t prep very well and hype things so that people could plan to join me…but ADHD self that I am, scheduling things and following through isn’t really what I’m good at. The squirrels are rampant in my life and I really have to go with things when I feel I can accomplish them. And sometimes that means that I don’t get to things until last minute. Such is my life. I’m still working on developing routines that work with my non-neurotypical brain….but it’s all about adaptability and flexibility.  I am just happy to make progress daily. On anything, really, LOL!

SO, here I am, at the end of day 1 of my 2018 Great Summer Purge and Clean…HOW DID IT GO? you may ask? Well…let’s start with how it started….Surprisingly, my kitchen wasn’t as bad as it is often is…

SO, BACKUP…For those that are not familiar with my way of doing my GSPAC… I break my house into zones and then those zones into mini-zones. Each zone gets a week, each mini-zone, a day within that week.

SOOOOOO, this week’s zone is:  KITCHEN
The mini-zone for the day was: Dishes/sink/counters around sink
(I started off small…always a good idea, I think…to start off successful…)

Here’s what it looked like to start off:
(In all galleries, click on images to see them larger.)

Not awful. Trust me, it’s looked MUCH WORSE pretty regularly.

So I kicked butt and here’s the halfway point:

And here it is, the beautiful, finished product:

Dishes all clean (most put away…I left the final ones in the drying rack), counters all wiped and scrubbed clean (hard to see but it was REALLY dirty), and sinks scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly. (That’s as clean as they get…it’s a 1955 house and I believe the sinks are original. They are pretty damaged.)

I feel REALLY GOOD about this great start to my summer Purge and Clean!!

Next Up: The FRIDGE!!!


If you’d like to join me on my Purge, you can sign up here!


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