The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, episode 3

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, episode 3 review,


(Volume 1, episode 3 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones)

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Setting: Vienna, Austria, and Florence, Italy
Topics: love, Italian opera, Renaissance art, Galileo and Da Vinci

Historical characters this episode:

  • Giacomo Puccini– Italian opera composer
  • Sigmund Freud— Austrian neurologist, father of psychoanalysis
  • Carl Jung—Austrian psychiatrist/psychotherapist, founder of analytic psychology
  • Alfred Adler—Austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist, founder of school of individual psychology
  • Princess Sophie—daughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (recognize this man’s name? The man whose assassination is the spark that ignites WWI??)


The first half of this episode, with Indy falling in love with a little Austrian princess is adorable. Getting advice on love from the famous Freud, Jung and Adler at dinner is too funny!

Things to watch for in the first half:

  • Some sexual references at the dinner with Freud…but it’s pretty funny, especially the ladies’ reactions.
  • That’s pretty much it…it’s a pretty tame episode adventure-wise.


Now, the second half, I’m not sure what the writers were thinking.

Things to watch out for in the second half:

  • The entire story revolves around Indy’s mom being unfaithful while his dad is away. There isn’t any hanky panky, mind you…the worst they show is sneaking out to meet in secret and some kissing…but still, the whole thing is portrayed as being very emotional (as well it should be!) and even Indy picks up on the fact that something’s going on, and is in emotional turmoil.

I’m just not sure of the point of having infidelity in an educational family program. But the physics lesson in the Leaning Tower of Pisa makes this episode worth sticking out. Pretty cool to be able to conduct Galileo’s experiments in a historical monument! (By the way, they don’t let you climb that tower anymore, so I’m jealous!)



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