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Mysterious Benedict Society
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The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart

Oh my gosh I HAVE to share this amazing book!

I found out about it from melissa wiley here. so of course I had to check it out from the library.

Let me tell you…the book is ENORMOUS! Immediately I was chomping to dig in…the bigger the book, the better, in my eyes…and I wasn’t sure yet if it would be appropriate for Maeven, nor even if she’d be interested in it. So I started it on my own. Right about chapter 3 she saw me with it and asked what it was about…I told her a little about it and she said “read it to me please?”  good thing I only had just started it! :)

From that moment on we were both hooked and we ate it up in just a couple days. huge book and all, didn’t matter…we DEVOURED it! And there’s not a chapter that didn’t keep us on the edge of our seat. there wasn’t a single part of the book that was in the least bit predictable. there were surprises all the way to the very end! I had no idea what was going to happen and was absolutely enjoying every second!

As a homeschooling mom who really likes the Charlotte Mason idea of “living books”, I was delighted with all the complex words that were used, exposing my child to so much depth. the characters, as well, were very complex and very well described. there wasn’t anything light about this book. It was so amazing, it was like eating a brownie…rich and chewy and YUMMY!

Oh my gosh! When I went to find that code I found out there are TWO more in this series! Ok, heading to the library website RIGHT NOW to order them!

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