The future’s so bright…

My daughter at about age 2.

Today I’m working hard on various projects in the making…and reflecting on something I have learned over the years from all my experiences and especially the failures.

One, never give up. And two, don’t rely on or trust others with my dream again. Learned that the hard way.

I know I will need to work with others still, and must not become so tainted as to make that not work for me…but I also have learned caution and will be much more thoughtful in the future in where I place my trust.

Life is all about learning! So I am going to keep on keepin on and I figure eventually I’ll land on the right formula for success…but only if I don’t ignore the past, but learn from it. And use those lessons to better my future endeavors.

So I wonder what is in store for me next! The possibilities are quite exciting!

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