The Great Summer Purge and Clean 2015 has started!!

Because it takes so long for me to write stuff up sometimes and to edit pics with “before” and “after” captions…so much that I don’t post as often as I could…I’m going to try something new…I’m going to throw up pics as they are happening. Then maybe I’ll tie it all up in an end of the week post with all the fancy stuff. Maybe.

So, if you’re not familiar with my purge and clean, check out this page.

This summer I decided to start my Purge and Clean in our “Big Room” (garage conversion), which is where our art area/school area is. 

Here’s how bad it looked before:        

I’d like to say the mess was because I had already started the job…but only a little of that is from the fact that I was already in the midst of working on it. Most of it was already trashed from months of neglect. I just haven’t been able to even think about what to do with it until recently.

Now I finally am starting to get some ideas and I set to work.

The first day I had assigned myself the metal file cabinet to clean out because I’m giving it away to free up space. I didn’t finish it yesterday, but, because I have a rule for my purge and clean that I always start with the job for that day each day (NOT, working on what I didn’t finish the day before!) because I want to avoid getting completely off track fast…I started today on that metal shelving unit.

I still have 2 empty shelves because I’ve told my 14yr old (she’s the prolific artist), that she could have space to put some art supplies from her room.

I’ll post more pics when I have them! I’m off to a good start! 

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