The Great Summer Purge and Clean is FINALLY coming!!

Great Summer Purge and Clean
Today’s the day I finally sort out this year’s “Great Summer Purge and Clean”. I have had so much I have been working on already this summer, I haven’t had time to think much of this yet!! But I’m NOT ditching it!
I’ve been thinking of switching tracks with my son’s homeschool charter so we can start school in Sept instead of Aug so I can have some more time this summer to get all the stuff done I need to get done before the school year starts again…I still have homeschool planning and business planning to do as well…. ay yi yi!
But the good news is… that I am getting a lot done as far as all the work I’ve been doing on my websites! I’m feeling really good about that! I think I may have finally finished the GDPR updates to Homeschool Realm…just need to finish on Noodle Homeschool (now Tina’s Learning Adventures)…but nearly there.
Today, I’m focusing on getting my emails set up for my Great Summer Purge and Clean, since I have an email list I need to provide these to…
Oh, did I mention that in addition to many other recent changes, I ALSO moved email list providers recently? Uh, yeah…..LOL!!!  So I ALSO am redoing all the automated emails to my email lists, and because of GDPR I also have to send out word to subscribers that they have to re-opt in….  

Yes, this summer has been the summer of BIG CHANGES for my businesses!!
  • I have moved email list providers (forcing me to re-set up all my automated emails for my email lists…which, of course, leads to tweaking and improving it all…)
  • I have switched web hosts (SO MUCH work to move things over, and I ran into huge snafoos when I moved my Moodle install, which is what I use for Noodle Homeschool (now Tina’s Learning Adventures).)
  • I have changed web shop plugins (I had to completely redo the way I set up my local field trip orders…took awhile to adjust and adapt to that. But I do think it was a huge improvement!)
  • I have upgraded my website theme to premium (lots of improvements to set up still! Very exciting!)
  • I have had to adapt to the new EU law, GDPR (So much to learn about this and figure out how to implement compliance.)


Each one of these are big moves! SO MANY changes! SO MUCH TWEAKING!! And, to be honest…a lot of FUN for me. I’m weird. I really enjoy change and improvements and techie stuff. Even though I did have some headaches when I ran into issues…but I find it all very satisfying, having to put my brain to hard work like this. Like untying a tough knot. I always work it out eventually. And it’s SUCH a good feeling when things are worked out and improvements made!

So today…

Is all about the Great Summer Purge and Clean! I will be working all day today on this, and getting it all set up and straightened out and ready to go! Including getting my OWN plans set up. I haven’t started yet. Late start this year! But I’m STILL DOING IT! 

If you want to join me….stay tuned because I want you to be able to get the auto emails that I’m going to be having go out when you sign up …so don’t go sign up just yet, if you haven’t yet. It will be better once I get this done. Lots more info soon. And if you are already on the list, I will still be sending all these emails out to you, don’t worry. It’ll all get worked out.


Ok, I’m off to get some more work done!! Wish me luck! Comment below if you want to join me! I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready!

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