The GREAT Summer Purge and Clean!!


I started The Great Summer Purge and Clean the summer of 2013, out of desperation. I just couldn’t take my cluttered and messy house anymore!!

As a homeschool family, much of our home-based learning is dependent upon an organized and at least somewhat tidy home. Since our family follows the traditional school year and takes a break during summer (because *I* need a break!!) I knew that I would have a nice long break from homeschooling … and that if I organized and planned it out well, I could get through the entire house and get a LOT accomplished!

And thus was born “The Great Summer Purge and Clean”! (aka GSPAC)

I used to try to post regularly as I was doing my Purge…but it really was hit or miss. I even had an email list for a little while and fully intended to try to get a whole thing going where we could all be working on this together and pump each other up (since I had received many encouraging comments on my Facebook posts saying I was inspiring people.) But I just couldn’t maintain that.

All the blog posts from my previous GSPACs are in the category dropdown “The Great Summer Purge & Clean” in the sidebar. Or you can just click here.

And I do welcome you to join me each summer!

I just cannot maintain regular before/after pics and updates anymore. I need to focus on my own P & C and getting my own house in order. I will post when I can. But know that each summer I, too, am gearing up!

SOOOO, I give you, for your own personal use, my Purge and Clean tips and tricks here, to take and tweak as works for you!

Below is the series of emails that I used to send out to the email list for TGSPAC. Since I am no longer doing this list, I share them here for you to view. They are Google files that are view only. You should be able to click the link and view each doc, even if not logged into a Google account. If you have any issues, let me know.

Intro Email

Email #2: Planning

Email #3: The Action Plan


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