The Homeschool Membership Community is LAUNCHED!!

Women's hands joined together in solidarity

A few weeks ago I officially launched my Homeschool Membership Community on Tina’s Learning Adventures! I have been working on this puppy for months and months and MONTHS! It will probably always be a work in progress, but I finally decided it was TIME to just GO FOR IT.

I continue to add content and tweak the existing format and content, as I figure out better ways to do things. It is far from done. But I am extremely proud of what I have created and I am SO READY to start helping homeschoolers on their journey with this wonderful new resource that I have created!

I have a group of testers that are helping me get things set up and moving, and what I really need now are families that are truly in NEED of the kind of help that I can provide for them with this community! And not only for me to help them, but for them to join me and the others here to start building this COMMUNITY!

I hope you will come join us! There is so much here and it’s growing constantly!

I have SOOOOOO many ideas that I am building on and creating more content daily with! Come see what this is all about and let me know if you have any questions! And share this link with anyone you may know that might benefit from this community as well!

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