The Oddmire, Book 1: Changeling

book cover with 2 young boys (twins) standing in front of a round portal with silhouette of an ominous figure within

This was another book I stumbled upon thanks to the Libby app‘s recommendation. Gawd, I love that app!

I listened to the audiobook while multitasking. It’s the only way I am able to “read” these days. I have far too many things to get done to be able to just sit and read, unfortunately. Not to mention the fact that now that I am over 50, I find myself falling asleep if I sit still for too long! What the heck is up with that?? I am NOT OLD yet! But stillness and silence do that to me these days! I can’t even lie down and watch something on tv for long without dozing off! SHEESH!

ANYWAY…this book…so fun and funny! I especially liked the character of Fable, a quirky little girl they meet in the woods and becomes part of their adventure. Her funny way of talking and seeing the world just was so very refreshing and fun in scene after scene. I absolutely LOVED that character! I was surprised to see in the reviews on Goodreads that I scanned that no one even mentioned her! Such a delightful little character that made me smile so much while reading this book! But I digress…

About the book…it is a story full of magical creatures and action/adventure! A fantastic story for all ages! Not too dark or scary for even young ones, though if you have particularly sensitive kiddos you may want to screen. There wasn’t anything gruesome but it does get a wee bit intense a couple of times that the very most sensitive of young children may need some help getting through. But for the most part, this story is truly very wholesome and sweet and all around just a lovely read!

Tinn and Cole are raised together as twin brothers even though one of them is actually a goblin changeling. When the boys were newborns, a goblin named Kull attempted to switch the human baby with the changeling but became distracted for enough time for the changeling to become identical to the human. At this point, not knowing which child was which, Kull had to leave them both behind to be raised together. They grew up knowing that one of them was a changeling but no one knows which one.

Their mother, Annie, does an amazing job raising the boys lovingly as a single mom as their dad disappears/takes off (it’s never answered what actually happens to him…I am wondering if that will be covered in the next book? It is left as a kind of question mark) shortly after the 2nd child appears.

Shortly after the boys turn 12, they receive a letter from Kull telling them that the changeling is needed to save the forest and his goblin kin and that he MUST come help. Thus starts the adventure.

The boys do not know which one is the changeling, so of course, they both set off to find out what’s what. And of course, as soon as Annie discovers them gone…she is not about to let them take off into danger and not go find them…sooooo….Mama to the rescue!! And lots of magical creatures, good and bad, met along the way!

I was REALLY pleased with how Annie was portrayed in this book! She is an extremely loving and dedicated mother even though she knows that one of those boys isn’t actually hers. He IS hers, dammit and no one is going to tell her otherwise! And she will fight for BOTH her children’s lives come hell or high water! Just like any mother would! LOVE HER! And you BETTER not tell her that one of them ISN’T her child, because she has words to say about that!

This is a great quote from when Kull is arguing with Annie that the changeling isn’t her child:

“Have you sung any lullabies in the past thirteen years?” she demanded. “Helped anyone with their homework? Taught anyone how to tie their father’s old bow ties with fumbling fingers so they could dress up for their first school dance?” …”Mm-hm. My boys.”


It is also very neat to see the boys portrayed as VERY close-knit brothers. Both getting into constant mischief together, but best friends forever! A very sweet portrayal of brothers.

I cannot say enough about just what a great read this was…and how many fantastic life lessons can be learned from this. So many loving lessons. About what it means to be family, and friends, and to belong. How important kindness is, helping people in need…and on and on and on…it is just chock full of great stuff!

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