This Week on Facebook 5/10/14

Ooooh, some super cool links this week! Check it out!

Article: Teaching Writing
I saw this link on a post on a Facebook group, in response to the question someone posted asking for a writing curriculum without grammar or spelling. This article is part of a series, and is about teaching writing, Charlotte Mason style, and since I’m a big fan of Charlotte Mason (secular version) education, I was immediately intrigued. This is a great article! It got me thinking of how I could incorporate some of the things mentioned into my kids’ homeschooling days.

Cloud Dough recipe
This recipe looks so fun I think I’ll try it out even though my kids are older than would normally do this kind of activity! Great for those of you with preschoolers!

Great Mustaches in History
This is an adorable podcast by a 10yr old boy that focuses entirely on men in history that have mustaches! They are short (under 15min), scripted discussions on these men’s lives and contributions and I really like the idea of my kids learning history from another kid! I think they will too!

Liberty’s Kids
My kids have become obsessed with this show lately! We found them all over YouTube, but they love them so much I went ahead and purchased the entire 40 episode series from Amazon for less than $8! (This is an affiliate link. THANK YOU if you purchase through my link, as I get a tiny kickback!) This website supplements the shows with activities and additional info.

The Ultimate Liberty’s Kids Collection
Also this week, I found this page that has a bunch of great links to also supplement your Liberty’s Kids viewing.

10 Science Experiments You Can Eat With Your Kids
Title says it all…these look really neat and fun! Can’t wait to try some of them out!

Learn Art History with Smart History
Very short article with a couple links in it to more interesting info…the main being to a site called SmartHistory (which apparently is a section on Khan Academy, which I know to be a fantastic site for learning!), where kids learn about art history by browsing pages of videos, audio recordings, pictures and text. Sorted by artist name, style of work, theme and time period! I love the idea of an entire site my art crazy 13yr old can peruse and learn through at her leisure!!

Meet the Robots the Teach Your Child to Code
I love this idea and would love to try these out with my kids! Robots that are programmable remote controlled toys…kids learn programming by playing with them! Brilliant!

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