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Had some fun finding more things to share this week! Some really cool stuff! If you’ve not yet liked HomeschoolRealm on Facebook, check it out here, and get the links as I find them!

Video: Frozen’s Let it Go–A Mom Parody
Found this funny video that takes the nauseatingly popular Frozen song “Let it Go”, and turns it into a mom anthem. I think most of us can relate to the words of this version! LOVE it!

Video: Japanese Multiplication Trick

Not sure how often I’d use this, and kids of course still need to know the ins and outs of multiplying these sorts of numbers…but what a cool trick!!

Article: One-Hour-a-Day Homeschooling
I found the above article after reading this article (which is another link I shared this week) about one-hour-a-day homeschooling. Very interesting idea! I am thinking on this some more, and figuring out to tweak it to fit me since I don’t think I could do just 10min on 6 subjects per day…but I think I could get behind this 1hour idea if we did one subject per day for an hour, complete with activities! Really get into it! I like this idea! And it’s comforting to know that someone has done this and their kids turned out great!

FREE OFFER (ended 5/16/14): Free Complete Geography Curriculum, $20 Value!
Offer’s over now, but I shared with my FB page followers in time to get this. I find this sort of time sensitive stuff from time to time.

Activity: Homemade Floam! had no idea this could be made at home! How cool is this? I am eager to try it out! I think even my 13yr old would love making and playing with this!

Book: Mr. Revere and I
This week, my kids and I read this book together at bedtime and I shared the link to my Goodreads review of it. Great book!! Especially if you’re studying the Revolutionary War!

Link: 75+ Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids
There’s a GOLDMINE of activities here!

Link: Found another site that combines homeschooling and Minecraft this week!

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