Time to get webinars going again?

I woke up this morning thinking about the webinars I used to teach to kids, about creating their own websites. I completely dropped the ball on those as I wasn’t getting the kind of response I had hoped for, and coordinating times that worked for the most people was really hard.

But this morning I have 2 thoughts: 1. I have a podcast now that could very well help me get a lot more interest in my webinars…and 2. We SERIOUSLY need the money.

Its gotten to the point that I just installed jobs apps on my phone last night and have begun searching for the ever elusive perfect part time work that will enable me to work from home on my own time. So far I’m finding an awful lot of the opposite of what I want. But I know this kind of work. I’ve been a WAHM since Maeven was born. My first website, FresnoFamily.com was born not just out of my desire to catalog all that there is to do locally with kids and share parenting info I felt useful to me with others, but to get something going that could generate much needed extra income for our family. Over the years it has brought in some advertising dollars…but nowhere near enough to provide the kind of financial help we really need. Ditto on my other websites. So I am thinking now that instead of seeking something new…perhaps it is time to instead go back to my old ideas and find something that I can get excited about AND find a way to make it lucrative enough to actually make a difference in the quality of our lives. (I mean, geez, I haven’t even had health insurance for years!)

I think part of the problem is how very hard it is for me to maintain each project efficiently. Being an at-home mom is a fulltime job in and of itself, then you add homeschooling to that and it really is like I’m already doing 2 fulltime jobs AND trying to run several home businesses in what free time (free time?? What’s that??) I can squeeze into my already jam-packed life.

So, lately I’ve gotten so very fed up with being so scattered all the time and feeling like whatever I do is never enough and none of my projects ever seem to be focused on properly to enable them to be truly successful…so I have been working on allotting time each day to really focus on each project I feel I should be focusing on. I learned from Ally Loprete of the “This Little Parent Stayed Home” podcast (I called in and talked to Ally on the show twice, and have become friends with her online as well) that in order to be able to accomplish all you need to do, and to do it well, I need to allot set times regularly to work on each thing. I also feel I need to pare down my list of things I need to be working on. Still working on that. But here I am blogging in bed on my iPhone, during a time I’ve allotted to do just this (in the morning, before I get my day started, when I often am the most consumed with thoughts), so I’m taking baby steps towards becoming more efficient in my life! :) It feels good!

So maybe it’s time to relaunch my webinars for kids, and see where it takes me. If you think you might be interested in a webinar for your kiddos to learn all about how to get started with a website of their own, let me know by leaving a comment and that might just spur me on to get them going again! :)

Side note: looks like I somehow let my domain TinasWebsiteShop.com expire, woops! Not final though, as I still have time to renew it before it goes back up for grabs…so I’m going to go fix this right now, but if you try to check out that site before I get it fixed, just know that it’s only temporarily down. Will be back up by the end of the day, hopefully! :)

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