Time to step it up

I am horrible at consistency. Seriously. Horrible. But I understand the value of being consistent and keep striving for it. Blogging is something I’ve wanted to be more consistent at for awhile…but with everything else I’m also trying to improve at (the biggest of which would be getting my house to stop being such a pigsty!)… Blogging just keeps getting bumped down my list of priorities.

Now that Beckie and I have a weekly podcast, and I mention this blog on every episode, you’d think I would have stepped up my game and post more here. Well I haven’t yet…and I’m afraid if I post that I will be doing just that that I’ll jinx myself…but I certainly have been doing a lot of changing of my life lately, so I’d really like to make this change to regular blogging too.

The podcast has certainly got me thinking on homeschool related topics more. Now I just need to get into the habit of putting those thoughts down here! 🙂

I like to start my day in bed, slowly waking up while poking around at email and social media on my phone. This seems like a great time to also open up my WordPress app and blog a little. Even if just post short posts, I bet that will really lead to a great opportunity for deep thinking.

I love deep thinking. I love ruminating on ideas and chewing on things and flipping them around and around to see things every which-away. And I love writing these thoughts down. I’m a big journaler. I have tons of filled notebooks piled up in my closet going back years and years, and I always have a current one floating around the house, ready to be grabbed and written in at any given moment w/fun colored pens. (It makes me happy to see all the colorful pages I’ve filled w/my thoughts!) It’s therapeutic for me to write when I’m stressed or sad or upset…even when I’m happy! I find myself absolutely compelled to write sometimes. But the actual physical act of putting pen to paper is a part of that.

Typing on the computer or w/thumbs on my phone don’t appeal to me as much, so it’s something that typically needs me to remind myself to do it. But there’s these great reminder options on my phone that I’ve yet to utilize for this purpose! Hmmmm…Methinks its time to add blogging to my morning routine!

And while I’m at it…reading for myself is another thing I need to schedule time for. I have so many books I want to read and don’t take time for. Episode 5 of Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast we talk about how important it is for kids to see us reading. It’s time I made that a priority.

Big plans this morning! Time to get off my phone now and put some offline plans into action!

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