• Watched some PBS in the morning (Cat in the Hat) (science)
  • Decided she wanted to make the cats some cloth catnip bags (science)…Dragged out her sewing machine and whipped these up:

Tiny but the cats love them!

  • Spent awhile making a couple stop motion movies (science/math):

(for some reason these didn’t upload right…they are longer than they show here.)

  • Spent a lot of time reading her current chapter book, Dragon’s Breath (Book 2 of the “Frog Princess” series….Finished the book today!) (language arts)
  • After lunch we spent a few hours at Keizo’s house playing. Lots of running around playing and having fun. (socializing, P.E.)
  • Started the next book in the Frog Princess series, Once Upon a Curse (language arts)
  • Heard another chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (read to her by Mom at bedtime) (language arts)

Pretty good day, despite the heat. 🙂

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