Update on Web Design for Kids webinars

I have now done 4 webinars and things are going really well! I plan to continue to have these classes, as there is an interest. At least once a month.

The system I use for the webinars, Instant Presenter (UPDATE: This company appears to no longer exist), is really awesome! I am so happy to have found something that works so perfectly for this purpose! Children log into the designated room at the designated time, and they can use the text chat to talk to me while listening to me tell and show them (via a screen share plugin that allows me to show them my screen as I maneuver around WordPress) about specifically how to set up and add content to their WordPress.com account.

I go very slow, and make sure that everyone is progressing and understanding what I’m explaining. I explain how to do something, then I have them do it. Its a very hands-on class. I also keep the classes small, to allow for more individual attention. No more than 6 students per class.

I’m also starting to offer follow up classes, to take kids a little further in their abilities, and share what they’ve been working on.


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