• Read a book about chickens and explored a raw chicken egg:
    Showing the membrane of the chicken egg we cracked open to look at.20110921-121347.jpg
    Getting down and dirty with a chicken egg…Hands-on learning! He was very impressed with being allowed to squish it around in his fingers since typically I am trying to encourage NOT breaking the yolk (when he’s helping me crack the eggs for frying).


  • Swimming with friends


  • Played Math Blaster:20110921-090345.jpgMaeven was helping Tyren learn to how to play the Math Blaster computer game we checked out from ERCLC. It ended up being a bit too hard for Tyr, but he did a fair amount of math while he was figuring it out. May be later on in the school year…
  • Played Winomino:20110921-110114.jpg
    Playing Winomino with Mommy (and beating her!!)


    • Played Reading Blaster:20110921-091419.jpgReading Blaster ended up being much more appropriate for Tyr’s level. :)

  • Writing lesson, E in “Handwriting Without Tears”:20110921-113626.jpg
    Saying “Big line….frog jump up….little line….”

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