Weekly Challenges, anyone?

I’m still pursuing the educational aspects and project ideas for Minecraftminecraft, as mentioned in one of my latest posts

But at the same time I’m also pursuing ways to use Lego in our homeschooling…

So far, my Googling is primarily turning up things about Lego Robotics. Something that we don’t own, which is particularly expensive, and which my kids are not particularly interested in. (And a Lego Robotics team just started here locally that my kids had a chance to attend and they were both completely uninterested, sigh.)

What I’M interested in, instead, are project ideas to have my kiddos build something with Legos with certain criteria. I have no idea what criteria, but there must be people out there doing something like this with their kiddos, so I posted on some homeschool forums to see what other people might be able to share with me…

Here’s what I found out:

43644CurrClick has a Lego Club, which I actually already have on my calendar to attend the next virtual meeting and had completely forgotten about! This club is free and the first meeting for this school year is coming up in a week, Mon Sept 26. So I will be sure to post more about it once we’ve attended a meeting. Check out the link above for all the info.

blogheaderAnother thing I found out about, thanks to another homeschooling family: Lego Quest Kids, where weekly challenges are posted and kiddos can post their pics of their creations that meet the criteria of the challenge. It’s a little less challenging that I was looking for, I think, as it looks like it caters to younger kids…but I am thinking it might get our toes in the water of following instructions for challenges.

Will post once we’ve tried some of these out as well.


And all this got me thinking again about the weekly challenges that I had tried to get into years ago but never really succeeded…So now I’m digging out those sites again and here they are:



Sketch Tuesday was something we tried to do before and since my daughter is way into drawing, I meant to continue…but since I suck at maintaining any real consistency, this fell by the wayside. With our new homeschool schedule, I’m dragging it back out again and will dig into the website and see what we can find! 🙂



Outdoor Hour button


 The Outdoor Hour was another fabulous idea that I have been wanting to get going with for my kiddos for awhile. Adding that to our schedule now and see how that goes.








The Think! Challenge, looks like it may have died out (or is on temporary hiatus), since the last post is from Aug 2011…but I think there’s enough on the website to keep us going for quite awhile.





The Unplugged Project also seems to have been halted…its been quite awhile since any new ones were posted…BUT, there’s still quite a lot in their archives, so I think we’ll start working our way through there.



So that’s quite a lot to get started on! I’m going to see where it takes us and will update here as I have info to share.

Do you have any other weekly challenges to share?

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