well she’s reading again

even though i’ve not done very good lately at getting us into a regular school routine, today i did get maeven to start a new chapter book. she really loves these fairy books, but in between books sometimes she loses interest. so today i told her that i wanted her to take some quiet reading time in another room. (her and her brother had been at odds much of the day, as usual…it seemed a good time).  and i told her she didn’t have to read any particular amount, just whatever she wanted. she said she’d read one page…i just reiterated, she could read however much she wanted (knowing full well that once she got started, she’d get interested again.) and it was a good 20 minutes or more before she came out and said she was done for now. that was plenty, by my thinking! 🙂  she’s now reading a book again, so she’ll most likely want to continue…yay! 🙂

she just needed the reminder that she enjoys reading now, LOL. for a week or so (while we were waiting for the next books to come in at the library) she had forgotten. but i suspect she remembers now. 🙂

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