Where in the world? (Pt. 3)

Continued from Pt 1 and Pt 2

Well, I’m very disappointed to report that the “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” iPhone game is not available. I tried to purchase it and after being sent around a bit, it finally admitted it’s not available for my iPhone. (I have an iPhone 4) Bummer. Guess that would explain why it does not show up on the iTunes store. Hopefully, that will change in the future. There is still the Facebook game, but I don’t like how FB always forces you to include your friends, so I’ve not explored it fully yet. Will post more when I do.

So, back to Google, I went on search of more great geography resources for kids…National Geographic KidsI discovered that National Geographic has an online geography game page! (Along with a lot more topics.) Will set my kids to work on exploring these so we can review in the future. Looks very promising! 🙂

I did also notice from that page that there is a NatGeo Bee iPhone app, and even online games to “Super Quiz“…so check that out!

Here’s another great resource that I had forgotten, even though we subscribed for years: Highlights Magazine makes 2 geography magazines:
which way usa
Which Way U.S.A. (covering one state per workbook/map packet) and Top Secret Adventures by Highlights MagazineTop Secret (covering one country per workbook/mini-textbook packet) are great puzzle game magazine packets. There is an ongoing story throughout the workbooks to follow as kids complete puzzles set in the location of each packet. The USA packets have a map to find answers to many of the puzzles and lots of facts about the state your covering, and the Top Secret packets have a mini-textbook, puzzle, and character cards to go along with the workbook puzzles.

I don’t feel that these packets alone will give your child an in-depth coverage of the areas you dive into, (they just aren’t that meaty in geographical info…its more about the puzzles)…but if used in conjunction with other books and videos on the studied areas, could be really a great jumping off point.

Geography MattersAnd lastly…in my exploration of geography resources for kids this week…I discovered this site was recommended on a homeschool list on which I am a member. I’ve not personally reviewed any of their products, but they were recommended by other homeschoolers and I notice they also have some great ideas on their “Geography Fun” page.

If you have more homeschooling geography resources to share, please comment here! I’m always in search of more ideas for geography, which is one of my favorite subjects! 🙂

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