Zone 1, Day 1, Sink and dishwasher, Great Summer Purge and Clean, DONE!

Today’s Zone: Kitchen
Today’s Mini-Zone: Sink and dishwasher

What a day! It’s not over yet, but my mini-zones for the day are DONE! How’d you do?

Here’s my before and after pics of today’s work areas:

All scrubbed and wiped and cleared out/off! And now I have a clean area to look to when I start feeling discouraged about the rest of my house. This stuff really works! Flylady is so right! It really does make a difference to have a clean place to draw energy and inspiration from! And as I work my way through my house I will have more and more areas to feel good about!

The other thing that REALLY works to help me not lose focus and not feel discouraged…is to JUST focus on the area that I am working on. I DO NOT look at or even THINK about the other areas of the zone or house while I’m working! It can quickly get VERY overwhelming if I start thinking of all the work yet to do.

Once I get in my zone and I’m hyperfocusing on my mini-zone (zone within the zone…with the major zone being a room or major area, the mini-zone is a smaller area within that room or area.)  I just have to make sure to stay focused.

Today I almost went on to the sink because I was getting tired of working on the dishwasher…I was wiping it inside as well as out…Mostly the inside of the door (man the inside edge of the door gets GRUNGY!) and outside walls, because I need to buy some vinegar to fully clean out the grunge on the very inside parts.  But I reminded myself to stick with the area until I’m completely done and have something to be proud of. So I did, and then I moved on to the sink (which entailed not just the sink, but the dishes in the sink, the faucet, the plastic thingy I use to hold my scrubby things that suction cups to the wall and always seems to look gross, and the wall behind) and when I finished that, I STOPPED.

The stopping part is important because if I’m going to maintain the energy to do this entire house this summer, I cannot burn out. So I ONLY do what is assigned for the day. Then I STOP. And I’m able to do that easily because I know that I have it all covered in my plan, and I WILL get to the other parts of the house before summer’s end.

Now, as time goes on, and I get to zones that, for whatever reason, I am unable to actually finish the entire area (like some closets that currently resemble Fibber McGee and Molly’s infamous closet…or Chris and Martin’s closet), I will start to have some extras that I can go back to when I finish early. And I will take that day by day, because some days I might not be feelin it. Whatever doesn’t get done in the allotted time, I can either finish when I finish another zone early and feel up to working on more….or I can just LET IT GO. (OH lordy, now that song is in my head! I hate that song! LOL!)

So…tomorrow I start Zone 1, Day 2:  The dreaded fridge (and the cupboard above that probably still looks as neat as it did last summer when I reorganized it, since its just storage we almost never get into…so probably nothing to do there unless I think of a better way to organize it.)  This is going to be a big job. I was noticing a nasty smell from in there earlier today, so wish me luck!!

How did today go for you? What zone are you going to be working on tomorrow?

If you’ve not yet joined us, go ahead and jump in wherever you’re at! Anything you get done is an improvement over before, right?

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