Zone 1, Day 1: Sink and dishwasher, The Great Summer Purge and Clean Begins!!

I’m jazzed to get started! Are you joining me? If so, if you join my mailing list, I’ll send you updates and encouraging emails to help keep you going!

Today my spreadsheet says I’m starting with my sink and my dishwasher.

I took some before pictures so you can see what I’m dealing with:

My sink always seems to be overflowing with dirty dishes and since my dishwasher is a portable, the top is forever a dumping ground for all kinds of crap. So today I’ll be tackling these 2 very doable areas. Nice, manageable start to what will be a very challenging area…typically the messiest room in the house, the kitchen. Today, for me, will be a cleaning day, not purging, just because of the zones I’m in.

Also today I am working around an interview I am cohosting for our Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast, so I’m very happy I scheduled today light!

Let me know in the comments how things are going in your purge!

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