Zone 1, Day 2, Fridge area, Great Summer Purge and Clean, DONE!

Phew! What a day! I was so pooped out from all the work I did yesterday that I didn’t have it in me to post this update!

So here I am, the morning of day 3, posting my day 2 update. Better late than never, right?

My fridge was a gunky MESS, lemme tell ya! The biggest job was cleaning the shelves and drawers. Things get spilled over time and cake the shelves and pool under the drawers! Yucko! Am I the only one who has kids that don’t wipe up their spills in the fridge? Ay yi yi!

Well they’re clean now! Now my job is to harp on anyone that makes a mess in my clean areas to CLEAN IT UP! Won’t stay clean forever, but for now it feels GOOD!

I even rearranged things a tiny bit in my freezer, to use the space more efficiently. Didn’t even realize I had 2 options for the shelf in there! Moved it up one and put all the meat in the lower, now bigger, area, and everything else on top. Which really worked well because there was usually a lot of unused space above since it was so tall. Yay for more efficient use of space!

I also took down a magnet chore chart my younger no longer uses (he has a printed sheet on the front of the fridge now) and put it in my Salvation Army pile by my front door. (Or, as my daughter once called it when she was little, the “Celebration Army”, lol!)

Tidied up the top that had gotten cluttered and put stuff in a different room. Wiped it all down. Yuck! Tops of fridges are gross! Also wiped all the outside and used my magic eraser to remove some tough spots. Worked like a charm! Love that thing!

Also checked that cupboard above which I organized last year and hasn’t been touched since. Decided it still looked good, but I did write down everything in there so I can remind myself what’s in there without having to take stuff off my fridge to look inside. There was stuff in there I had forgotten about! My plan is to create a file that catalogues everything in those cupboards I rarely use, so I can see everything that’s in there at a glance. Much easier and tidier than rummaging.

I even swept the floor around the fridge and did a quick wipe of the grunge that was coming out from under the fridge. I think I’ll try to move the fridge and clean underneath on the last day of this week’s zone. That’ll be gross but it’s long overdue. Especially since it keeps making a dark mucky area around the base of this thing. We’ll see how I feel on Friday, lol!

So here’s the before and after pics:

Hover over a pic to see if it’s before or after, and click on them to see the full pic. If you dare. 😉

And now I must get my butt moving on today’s area: the stove and the cupboards around the stove. Ugh, I may even do the inside of the oven which has literally never been cleaned since we moved here in 2000. Yay. Anyone know how to best clean an oven with baking soda and vinegar? Can it be done? I don’t own any oven cleaner and don’t want to go shopping today. I’ll be googling later. 🙂

If you want to join me on my purge, you can fill out the form here.  Once signed up, you’ll have access to my spreadsheet that details all the work I’ve planned each day this summer…and you can download and tweak to fit your needs. It’s ok if you’re starting late, just jump in where you are!

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