Zone 1, Day 3, Stove area, Great Summer Purge and Clean, DONE!

Well I’m exhausted. Seriously! The kitchen is darn near killing me! But I knew it would. It’s always the messiest part of my house and I wanted to do it first because I was just sick of looking at it and wading through the mess. But now I’m starting to feel like I should have followed my “start with something easy” advice and gone with the living room first.

Let this be a lesson to you! Start easy! But I will persevere, as this is what I started, so I want to see it through to the end.

But the good news is that the worst of this zone is done! The fridge and stove (not the oven yet….don’t look in my oven! Lol!) are spotless and the cupboards are decluttered and organized! Today I move to my messy microwave and all the cupboards on the wall above and below.

But on to the pics of the fruits of yesterday’s labor! Hover your mouse over the pic to see the title, click to see full size.

As you can see, I kicked butt on that stove! The cupboards are nice and tidy now, though I forgot to take before pics so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Honestly it wasn’t a gigantic change with the cupboards, so the before and after pics wouldn’t have been super exciting. I just put like things together and poured out and recycled a bunch of cooking wine and flavored vinegars that we’re old old old and we would never use. Freed up a lot of space! Nice to not have everything so crammed in there!

And wiping down bottles was essential. It’s amazing how sticky the outsides can get! And then that makes the shelves sticky, you know how it gets, I’m sure. So shelves were wiped as well.

So all in all, a successful day, even if I didn’t get started until after 3pm (I know! What a lazy butt I am!!) and was still going til nearly bedtime. Almost gave up a couple times, was so tired. But I kept on keepin on!

“Just do one more part” was my mantra. When I got to the shelves I was like, “They’re not really messy, I did them last year. Do I really need to do them again?” But no, I forced myself to see it through to the end by just focusing on ONE SHELF AT A TIME. I can handle just one. Ok, I’ll do one.

Wellll, I can do just one more…..yeah, I can do that, one more….you get the point. And that’s how I made it through the rest of the area yesterday when I wasn’t feelin it, folks!

Now I’m off to get this day started! Going to get going earlier today so I can take a break BEFORE bedtime! Day 4, here I come!



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