Zone 1, Day 4: Microwave area, Great Summer Purge and Clean

Well things are still coming along, but I’m getting a little knocked off track by life. But I still kicked butt on this area! Didn’t get to the inside of the cupboards yet, but they are not actually all that bad right now, so I’m not going to stress.

What I DID accomplish in this area:

  • The obvious messy counter. Wiped and scrubbed.
  • Microwave totally cleaned, inside and out and under. (It was GROSS!)
  • All cupboard doors wiped thoroughly, inside and out. Drawer outsides wiped too.
  • Walls and ceiling above cupboards wiped some…we don’t have a vent in our kitchen, so the ceiling gets grungy from cooking.
  • Under the cupboard, where my rice cooker regularly blasts steam, bleached and wiped. (It was brown and sticky! Not all of it came off, but it is greatly improved!)
  • Floor along the area wiped down thoroughly (this will make cleaning the floor much easier at the end of the week!)

Then I got derailed by life and children and client work and such again. But that area ended up being shiny and clean so I felt good about the work done. Trying not to be a perfectionist here!

Anything I get done is an improvement!! Or, as Flylady says “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family!”  Meaning, perfection is not necessary. ANYTHING helps!!

Now, I’m off to get ready for an interview for the Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast. Then I’ll get yesterday’s post done.

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