my poor sick baby girl

well those of you that read my twitter or facebook feeds, already know about the drama of the past 4 days. but i thought i’d blog about it anyway, cuz i feel like writing out the whole story. so maeven started complaining about a sore throat the end of last week…maybe friday or saturday, don’t remember exactly. by sunday she […]

feeling like hell

and i know this is probably just the beginning. you know when you start to get sick, really sick, and the first thing that happens is you have a whole day of aches and headaches. my joints hurt, my head hurts, everything hurts from the top of my head right down to my ankles. you know the weird part? i […]

still sick

well methinks this week is a scrub…i’m still coughing up a lung and now maeven is too. poor thing. i was thinking today she sounded just like me and i worried she may have asthma as well, but then i listened harder to her cough and its pretty moist. mine is dry and hacking. we are equally coughing as far […]

i just couldn’t do it

i’m coughing up a lung now…by the time adam got home i was starting to cough (something that always happens when i get a cold…it triggers my asthma and them i’m coughing up a lung for days past the cold, ugh)  and i just couldn’t bring myself to do anything but veg on the couch or at the computer. i […]

nasty cold

well actually the cold is just a normal cold. what makes it nasty…and this happens EVERY time i get a cold now…is the asthma kicking in. coughing up a lung each and every time i catch cold gets really old. and now i can’t find my inhaler. it was an ancient one anyway…actually it was adam’s from like 4 years […]