How to best share info

Well if anyone is following my latest posts and paid attention to the theme (template) of this site…you may have noticed that I did pick a new theme now. I don’t know that I’ll be sticking with it, but this one isn’t driving me nuts like the other one was with all the issues with the images. I won’t go into that now and bore you, suffice it to say that the problem is now solved and all I need to do now is go back into the old posts (luckily there’s really not THAT many yet) and fix the images to smaller sizes.

Now what I’m struggling with is how to best share the info that I want to share. I have been using Twitter and Facebook a lot. But that isn’t yet putting info here on this site. And what I really want is to have build this site. So I am attempting to dive into all the plugins, widgets, and ideas for connecting websites and social media. There’s a LOT of options out there! It’s very overwhelming!

I’ll figure it all out eventually, though. so just hang in there with me. 🙂  Back to Google and reading what others do in this situation. 🙂

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  1. I really like your header and blog layout! The header could be on a movie DVD jacket, seriously. I signed up as a follower and I’m looking forward to reading more. ~Cori

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