Zone 1, Day 7: Table and floor, Great Summer Purge and Clean

Well the last day of the kitchen zone was highly successful! I didn’t think I had it in me, but I made it through transforming my grungy kitchen floor into a clean floor! Also cleared and scrubbed our kitchen table, which I had cleared off earlier in the week but hadn’t actually scrubbed.

Hard to tell with the floor, because I didn’t take any before pics (too embarassing!) but take my word for it, this is a HUGE improvement!

I also discovered something this past week. I have a lot more on my plate now with all my client work, so I’m not actually going to be able to allot every single day for 8wks to my purge and clean, or I will have some very unhappy clients. So, I decided to go through my schedule and make Fridays my “Catchup Day”. Then I can do whatever I need to catchup on, be it housework or client work. I’ve shuffled the jobs around to allow for this, combining some jobs earlier in the week to allow for an empty day on Friday.

Another thing I hadn’t been able to plan for when I started creating my schedule for the summer: Big Pickup Day.  That’s the day that we are allowed to pile all sorts of garbage and clippings along the curb in front of our house and the city will pick it up at our assigned time. I never know what date it will be until they send out the flier.

So it turns out this year’s Big Pickup, for us, is next Tuesday. And we are busy all day Monday, so we have to get this whole thing done this weekend. SO, with that in mind, I shuffled things around on my schedule even further…and moved my “Yard” zone to this coming week, and moved everything else down a week. I think it should work nicely. Had to fiddle with things a wee bit because I still have to plan for my son’s birthday party in July, so moving things down, I had to allot for that time in my 2nd week of July schedule. But I think I got it all sorted out! Time will tell.

So…the Purge & Clean continues, with some alterations.

Now that I’m working on my yard (during 100 degree weather, now THAT’s fun!) I can pull all the stuff I want to throw out to the curb this weekend and do some serious purging!

I’ve already had people come and pick up our Lil Tykes climbing structure I put out (that’s the good thing about the scavengers….they give old stuff a new home! Keeps it out of the landfill, so I’m happy!) Plus the pitchforks (WHY did I even have those? Inherited from my grandpa and never had a need for them…not much hay around here, LOL!) and the metal scavengers took the big metal pole our last tree pruners found in our tree. NO idea, what that was from! LOL!  So things are already depurging from the backyard!

If I can find the energy to work more on it tomorrow, before noon and the heat really cranks up..We’ll see…I’m already exhausted from scrubbing the floor (by hand) yesterday and all the hauling of piles of leaves and dirt and branches to the curb. If I can find it in me to do more heavy labor tomorrow, I am going to go through my shed and see what else I can purge. But I may have to wait until cooler months to truly do a good job on that. It’s ridiculous here in the summer! (Central Valley of California…it’s a desert here and summer temps are in the upper 90s and low 100s from May through Sept, typically.)

Now I’m off to catch up on client work, while I don’t have the energy in me to do anything physical! Sitting at the computer is a nice change from working hard in the heat!

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