Zone 1, Day 5 & 6: Sink counters and cupboards, Great Summer Purge and Clean

Day 5 & 6 of my purge and I still am mainly doing cleaning…not so much purging. Mostly because I have so very much that is competing in my life right now, that I just haven’t had the time to open up those cupboards. But the outside messes definitely needed to be attended to. If worse comes to worse and I don’t get to the insides…so be it. They are not really all that bad anyway, so I still feel good that I’ve accomplished so much on the outside.

But I knew the kitchen was going to be this challenging. As you can see in the pics below, I’ve allowed my clean sink to get messy again. Such is our life in this house. Being that this area is used constantly, I never expected it to stay clean for long…I just feel good having gotten it properly cleaned this week! 🙂  And now it is clean again, after the work I did today. The below pics were 2 days in the making, but I can finally say the area is DONE! Even got all the dishes finally done!

I also wiped down the outsides and insides of all the cupboard doors and the floor along the base of the cupboards. Lookin good!

I’m writing about day 5 on day 6 because I didn’t have time to finish yesterday.

Yesterday was jam-packed with “Rocket Day”, as well as 3D printing, starting our day off at  our homeschool charter. Here’s some pics of how fun that was!!

Apparently I didn’t get any pics of my daughter yesterday, but that’s my son in the striped shirt and grey shorts with the blonde braid.

The day was super fun! I would have taken more pics, but then I was helping to build rockets, and never did get another chance. But the kids had tons of fun, so it was a successful morning/afternoon.

By the time we got home, it was later in the afternoon…I only had a couple hours and then it was Date Night (my parents take our kids once a week for a couple hours in the evening so hubby and I can have some time together). And then bedtime, then I had to work with my cohost to plan for our interview we were having the next day, for the Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast. So basically I only had a couple hours the entire day to work on my zone. But I did a fair amount!

Then today…well I still had things to finish from yesterday…and I know I vowed never to do a rollover of chores in this challenge, but I made an executive decision that I felt it was more important to finish these piles of dishes rather than work on walls.

Really, I put the walls on there at the end of the week because that gives me some leeway in case something like this happens and I have things to catch up on, so it’s all good. I tweak to suit my needs as I go. As long as I keep moving forward, it’s all good!

Tomorrow I’m to do the table/chairs, but I think I may try to do that today actually, since it’s not that bad, because I also have planned to do the floor and that WILL take a lot of time/energy. Plus I won’t have all day to work on it because we have some friends coming over in the morning for a couple hours.

I am have a ton of client work I need to get done. Last summer when I did this I didn’t have so much client work…this summer, I’m starting to see the need for a day or 2 NOT planned to purge and clean. Otherwise I may go mad without any break, nor time to work on other things! So this weekend I’m going to go over my plan again and see what I can combine to free up a day or each week.

For tomorrow I will do what I can to clear the stuff off the floor in the areas that it’s creeping back already, and sweep and scrub my disgusting kitchen floor. And I’ll just skip anything else I didn’t get to in the kitchen.

There’s still a LOT I’ve gotten done on this kitchen! Big pat on my back for that! Hubby keeps coming home and saying “wow!” so I know I’m doing something right! 🙂

So where are you at with your clean and purge? Have you joined me? If so, leave a comment below and let me know what you’ve accomplished this week or what you plan to accomplish during the rest of the week or next week!

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